Welcome to DAO Crash Course — your first step to launching and operating a decentralized autonomous organization. You will learn what DAO is, why now is the best time to start one, and how to do it properly. Your personal outcome of this course will be the DAO action plan — a starting point for your project.

What is DAO Crash Course

The fullest and most comprehensive step-by-step program for strategic DAO planning you’ll find on the market.

<aside> 🖥️ 27 minutes of theory: watch an introduction video to DAO and a learn how to build a decentralized autonomous organization


<aside> ✏️ 1 hour of practice: create a DAO action plan using our branded framework


<aside> 🤝 Unlimited support: join Telegram & Discord chats for Q&As


We borrowed the idea from Alex Osterwalder’s workshops and his Business Model Canvas and made it work for web3. So at the end of the DAO Crash Course, you will get a canvas with elements, describing your DAO timeline, membership, governance, treasury, and legal setups. Business model ontology went decentralized ✨

Let’s start!

Introduction to DAO


The DAO Action Plan

Create a starting point and a backbone for your DAO — an action plan. Follow the steps below:

<aside> 📓 Follow this link to get the DAO Action Plan template and use it to create a strategic plan for your DAO


<aside> 👀 Watch our live sessions to see how Superdao experts turn DAO ideas into action plans