We have made a difficult decision to close down Superdao. Here’s a quick recap of our journey and what comes next.

Superdao was founded in 2021 with a mission to help start millions of new crypto-native organizations in the form of DAOs. We’ve built an all-in-one DAO creation platform and supported 2000+ DAO launches. Unfortunately, most of those projects had a short lifespan and the underlying platform became unsustainable as a business.

In 2022 we changed direction to build growth and analytics tools for already launched and operating Web3 projects. We’ve indexed 300M wallets across multiple chains, calculated 200+ attributes per wallet and kept this index updated daily. With our tools, crypto-native organizations could better understand their users, get insights from their competitors, and build target wallet lists for growth. The new Superdao was actively used by dozens of leading crypto companies. At the same time, it became clear that the crypto industry itself becomes much smaller than its initial ambition (”the new internet”) and specialized tools for crypto companies are unlikely to produce venture-scale outcomes.

With this view in mind, we decided to return the substantial remaining funds to investors and wind down operations. We believe that both the team and the capital can create bigger outcomes elsewhere.

While we concluded that specialized crypto infra may be unable to produce venture returns, we still believe in the positive impact of crypto industry and the companies who serve end-users.

People who worked at Superdao have already started at least 7 new companies. Some elements of our work will be published as open source. We also plan to share a detailed breakdown of our key lessons learned.

We are forever grateful to our users, investors, and teammates. Hopefully, this is just a stepping stone to build something lasting and positive.

Thanks for everything 🙏

Yury Lifshits and Superdao team

September 2023